One thing that we love to do is travel. We make excuses to travel. For our 4th wedding anniversary we thought that we’d give up our familiar beach vacation and explore some of the beauty Europe has to offer. Italy was a no-brainer. We spent our time between two areas: The Amalfi Coast and Rome. Both were so beautifully different and plentiful in its own ways; and we ensured that we took all of it in. We ate the food. We learned some new words. We purchased beautiful ceramics. And we walked…for miles. We were mesmerized by the culture throughout Rome and took a few quiet moments to reflect on the notion that we stood where some of the most famous figures in history stood. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and we were happy to be a part of it.

We realized our love for travelling pretty early on in our relationship and make it a point to use our love for the world to create lasting memories for ourselves and our family. The projects we are creating and the meaning behind them not only come from our experiences growing up, they also come from the experiences we have had with the people we have met on our travels. Italy was the awakening of a lot of powerful feelings inside of us.

We find our meaning by connecting to each other and to the world.

Don’t ever be afraid to wander.