The books! By now you’ve seen these books all over Instagram, Facebook and probably in your best friend’s apartment. They’re the easiest books to love because they give life to your favorite (or least favorite) toppings!! But the question we always get is, “How did ‘ToppingĀ Tales’ come to life?”

Well, we’re glad you asked!

Pineapple was the first character to come to life. Christmas Eve 2017 set the scene for what was about to become one of our most favorite projects! After putting out the milk & cookies and kissing our baby goodnight, we sat down to have a nightcap and revel in the quiet. Then it began. A social media thread about pizza became the sounding board for the possibility that Pineapple faced adversity and traveled the globe to find his place. Voila! Topping Tales: The Hawaiian Pivot was born.

Originally, the books were meant to be satire in nature. Pineapple was an old Hawaiian man who loved enjoying a smoke and a beer, and Pepperoni was so keen on being popular that when it all came crashing down prescription pills and passing out were his go-to. We loved them. Our friends loved them. But how could we share these with our kids? Back to the drawing board.

Anchovy, the third character the series follows, was our pathway into writing the book aimed at a younger audience. He was the reason we flipped the books into a series that everyone could enjoy, understand and relate to. Used to being controversial on his own, Anchovy allowed us to explore ways of expressing the lives of the Topping Tales characters without the adult tinge.

And now here we are a year later, and what a difference a year makes! We have self-published Topping Tales (which you can find by clicking HERE) on Amazon and can’t wait to bring you the next in the line-up of lovable characters that you just. can’t. stop. eating.

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